Braun Piccolos
"Piccolo" / conical piccolo only to the low d¹:

Braun piccolo
lupe13 Detailed View
Skala Patent DE 3 502 842 & US Patent  4 714 000
The Braun piccolo has been on the market since 1985.
It was created through a commission from the flautist Michael Hasel, at that time a new member of the Berliner Philharmoniker under the direction of Herbert von Karajan.
The newly developed piccolo was intended to do justice to Herbert von Karajan's musical style in terms of tuning and beauty of sound.
It was developed in collaboration with Michael Hasel for an open and relaxed playing style. Entirely new calculations led to a particularly well-tuned instrument with only one C tone hole for the thumb key ("Briccialdi" thumb key).

 This design is very close to the large flute in terms of acoustic conditions, embouchure and possibilities of expression.

The chief characteristics of Braun piccolos are:

  • The embouchure and the feel are very similar to the large flute.
  • A good intonation and tonal balance in all registers.
  • Full, smooth, focused and clear sound.
  • Ability to modulate the timber.
  • Good projection.
  • Easy response, especially in the difficult third octave.
  • the new scale makes (like on the big flute) the high G# facilitator no longer necessary.

Sound samples


"Small flute" / conical piccolo flute down to low c¹

Is a conical Piccolo and has the same noted range as on the concert flute.

Braun small flute
lupe13 Detailed View
Scale protected by Patents: US 8 389 840 B2 & DE 10 2011 010 124 & DBGM 20 2010 016 134.7
The "small flute" is on the market since October 2010.
It is a further development of the Braun Piccoli produced since 1985.
This instrument was developed on behalf of Rolf Bissinger (member of the Städt. Oper Frankfurt / Main) and with his cooperation. In the test phase, Prof.Michael Hasel was involved cooperatively, who played it at the Berliner Philharmoniker and gave valuable information about it.

The chief characteristics of the "Small flute" , compared to the"Piccolo" are:

  • Greater tonal volume and therefore also a more pleasant sound,
    especially in the third octave.
  • The tonal balance in all three registers is much better.
  • Easier response/articulation, especially in the third octave.
  • Much more special grips of the big flute are possible to use.

Sound samples


Cylindrical Piccolo flute down to low c¹

In search of the best-sounding C-foot piccolo, a cylindrical boehm piccolo (already sought by Th.Boehm) down to the low c¹ and with one thumb hole was designed and successfully built. Registered as a patent on 11th March 1998 and accepted on 23rd Sep. 1999.

Braun cylindrische Piccolo
Scale Patent: DE 198 10 520 & DBGM 298 04 326
achtungBecause our limited production capacity, we have not yet included it in our production.

Sound samples


Specification for Braun Piccolos:

Grenadilla/African blackwood head and body:
  • headjoint with "A.Braun" modified-wave embouchure which is smooth where the lips touch
  • 925 sterling-silver mechanism
  • with split E mechanism (without split E mechanism is not made!)
  • fitted with "A. Braun" silicon piccolo pads


Braun piccolo headjoint
Headjoint with modified-wave embouchure.

The basis for the exceptional quality of Braun wooden flutes and piccolos is the selection of high-grade woods.Thus only carefully-selected, well-seasoned, extremely close-grained and attractive black African grenadilla/African blackwood (Dalbergia melanoxylon) with excellent tonal qualities is used.

A. Braun pads for piccolo

DBGM 296 05 677.4
Braun pads
These pads are made of a material insensitive to moisture and with a coating on the side facing the tone hole. The coating consists of silicon rubber, which has a microstructured surface. This structure is similar to the surface qualities of the wooden bore, thus ensuring the deadening of undesirable high frequencies.

The new construction of the pad creates:

  • a quick, powerful, clear response
  • a particularly well-structured and beautiful sound
  • a very pleasant feel
  • reliability of the padding as a result of the insensitivity to moisture and stable shape of the silicon-rubber layer
  • long period of usage without adjustment

Special models, such as instruments with open G-sharp key or other customised features can be planned and manufactured.

Braun piccolo with open g-sharp
Piccolo with open G-sharp and with normal B-Bb thumb lever

Braun piccolo with open g-sharp
Piccolo with open G-sharp and with inverted B-Bb thumb lever

Flutes and piccolos can be supplied with scales at the following pitches: a' = 440 Hz or 442 Hz or 444 Hz

The basic pitch facilitates unproblematic playing within a ± 2Hz range, according to personal playing style.


Within a year of purchase, the instrument supplied will upon request be customised to suit the individual's personal playing style. Leather case with a padded cover.


The instrument is supplied in a high-quality velvet-lined black leather case with a padded leather cover. A cleaning rod made of 925 sterling silver and a silk cleaning cloth are supplied.

Leather cover exclusiv from PICARD®
platz halterMade in Germany

Picard leather cover
Braun silber cleaning rod
Cleaning rod with a notch position of exceptional 8.5 mm

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